Dental Crown, Cap

Your dentist may recommend that you undergo a dental crown procedure for one of several reasons: you have a particularly weak tooth that needs to be held together or requires a bridge; you have a tooth that is extremely discoloured due to several fillings.

There are several types of crowns that can be used, including ceramic, porcelain and gold (cosmetic crowns are usually made of porcelain or ceramic).


A crown is a high strength cover that is placed over the tooth, which serves a dual purpose:

  • It can be used to strengthen your teeth and provide extended durability of your teeth
  • It can be used to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, by enhancing the size, shade, and alignment of your teeth.

A crown may be needed if a tooth is chipped, decayed or damaged.

What does a dental crown procedure involve?

  • In order to facilitate easy insertion of a crown, the dentist will first prepare the teeth
  • An impression is taken
  • A temporary crown is inserted
  • The permanent crown is fitted by your dentist at the next visit.